Off Season Deck Building Saves You Money

Off Season Deck Building Saves You MoneyWhen it comes to having a deck addition built onto your home, there are many factors to take into consideration as you prepare for your new deck. Aspects such as cost or decking materials used will play an important role in your decision to hire Miles Bradley for your Michigan deck building company. If you are looking to save money on a new deck built of high-quality materials, scheduling your deck build for the fall or winter season is your best option.

Why should you schedule your deck build in fall or winter?

During the fall and winter season, Miles Bradley saves money on decking materials such as composite decking supplies, resulting in lower prices for you as a client. Between November and March, you can expect to see a price drop of 10% to 20% than if you were to have a deck built in Michigan during the warmer seasons.

How can a deck be built with snow and ice on the ground?

Our professional Michigan deck builders at Miles Bradley have been building decks all year round for over 20 years. Beautiful wood decks or Composite Decking Portfolio have been planned, started, and completed in the harshest of the winter season with 2-3 feet of snow lying over frozen ground. Yes, you can have a deck built with snow on the ground in Michigan! Let Miles Bradley show you how.

Will your deck still be high quality if it is built in the winter?

At Miles Bradley, high-quality deck building and customer satisfaction are our top priority regardless of the time of year. Because our professional deck builders build all year round their hands never go to rest. Meaning, when summer comes back around they don’t have to get back in the groove, it never stopped. Many of our competitor companies will stop building decks in the winter months, we do not.

If you are interested in how to save the most money when choosing fall or Winter Deck Building, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We will work hard to get you the best possible savings on deck construction in Michigan.

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