Deck Railings & Privacy Walls

Deck railings give you the extra feeling of safety and security plus a good visual look to your deck. Privacy walls are a great way to keep prying eyes away while enjoying your deck.


Privacy Walls

There are quite a few benefits of owning a privacy wall in your backyard or around your deck. The first benefit that comes to mind and the most obvious is security. Having a tall privacy wall instead of nothing may deter unwanted visitors. The second benefit is the protection from wind. Furthermore, you may have a nice outdoor eating area that can be a struggle to enjoy with high winds. Your new privacy wall will help prevent that.

The third benefit is seclusion. Having parties and get-togethers without disturbing your neighbors is easier. The fourth benefit is the styles and colors you can choose from. The experts at Miles Bradley can help you find the exact style that compliments your area. Finally, the fifth benefit is there is much less maintenance than a traditional wooden fence.

Deck Railings

Deck railings provide safety and security for you and your family. Especially if you have older relatives, having a deck railing is a must. In addition, a deck railing gives your deck a very unique and beautiful look.  There are many options of railings to choose from. The experts at Miles Bradley can show you all the options available and what works best with your deck. In addition to a beautiful deck, we can offer you other options such as Gazebos or a Trellis to really make your yard pop.

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