Custom Decks Built During The Winter

Custom Decks Built During The Winter

Are you looking to enhance your yard for the summer with a new deck? Also, are you looking to get custom decks built? It is probably best to get your deck constructed during the winter months. The winter is a great time to schedule your deck build. Especially this winter as we are almost completely snow-free!

Custom Decks Built All Year Long

Miles Bradley builds composite decks all year-round. Our maintenance-free deck builders work year-round to ensure that your dream deck can become a reality at any time.

Composite decks are known to be low maintenance. Unlike natural wood decks, they can withstand tough weather and will last longer without the need for frequent repair. They are becoming more popular in the Midwest due to the harsh weather conditions including the sweltering summers and freezing winters. Furthermore, they look more modern and sleek than wooden decks which are welcoming nowadays.

Why get your deck built during the winter?

  • Building decks in winter is generally the slowest season, which is why it is the best time of the year to reach out about your dream deck.
  • Purchasing a deck for the summer now will not only save you money but also will give you enough time to figure out how to decorate your deck.
  • As the weather warms up the demand for deck builders grows and our schedule fills quickly. By having your deck built in the winter, you can skip the long waits.
  • Your deck can be finished by the time the weather warms and you won’t have to wait for the completion of the deck while it’s warm.

Here at Miles Bradley, we can build custom deck plans to suit your house or property plans. Our experienced designers have worked with many deck and house designs of all layouts. We run deals all year long that can help make your new deck even better. Request a quote or contact us today to get your dream deck started! Also, you can reach out to us on Facebook as well!