How to Properly Clean Your Trex Deck

In Michigan, it seems like we’re going to get to summer weather without much of a spring.  We think we must be there now, right? This is a repost for those of you that have a TREX deck in the Midwest. If you’ve purchased one (hopefully from Miles Bradley in Michigan or Chicago), then you know how beautiful and low maintenance it really is.


When spring cleaning your house, don’t forget about your Michigan deck. Leaving stains or improperly cleaning your deck can lead to the warranty on your deck being voided out. Miles Bradley recommends that you watch the video below to learn the proper steps to clean your Trex composite deck. Whether you’re in Novi, Northville, or anywhere in Michigan, winter probably left you with a deck that needs a good cleaning.

How to Properly Clean Your Trex Deck Without Voiding Your Warranty

Has the weather and use taken a toll on your Trex Composite Deck? You can clean your deck and give it that new look again with little to no effort at all. We recommend Olympic Deck Cleaner, with Olympic Deck Cleaner a hose, sprayer, and an optional scrub brush you can clean your whole Trex Composite Deck in one afternoon.

Trex composite decks are strong reliable decks that will maintain it’s beauty for years. But even the most reliable deck, will need cleaning from time to time, weather, people, animals, and overall wear and tear take their toll on any deck. With a good cleaning and proper maintenance, you can keep your Trex Composite Deck looking great for years to come.

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