Keeping Mosquitos Out with a Screened Enclosure

As spring soon transitions to summer, bugs including mosquito’s are beginning to come out more than ever. Now is the perfect time to enhance your deck by adding a screened enclosure! This is the season where everyone is outside either barbecuing, swimming, or spending time with their family and friends. By having a screened enclosure, it adds a bit of uniqueness to your beautiful backyard in the daytime and at night.

Owning a screened enclosure gives your home a new look altogether. It ensures safety of your children and pets, allows you to change an area into a relaxation, party or play room and adds a lot of usable space to your backyard.  Because screened enclosures act as a barrier, it also protects you and your loved ones from mosquito’s and other insects that seem to become a hassle when the weather warms up.

If you’re interested in having a screened enclosure built right outside of your home, Miles Bradley is more than happy to be an aid for you. We specialize in building screened enclosures. So don’t wait any longer; now is the time to have it installed. Let us help you keep mosquito’s out with a screened enclosure so you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

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