Composite Decking for Lakefront property

Composite decking for lake homes

When it comes to lakefront decking, you need to have the right materials. Living in a lake home, you need a deck that is reliable and sustainable so you experience the waterfront fully. While hiring professional contractors like Miles Bradley is a great start, you need to pick the right building material. In that regard, composite decking is perfect for waterfront homes or any property like; restaurants, hotels, motels, stores and more.

Composite Decking is Perfect for Lakes

Composite decking is quickly becoming the most popular material to use on the water. This is due to the material being made from a combination of wood fibers and plastic. This decking is made specifically to withstand the outdoor elements. These qualities make using composite deck boards perfect for lakefront homes.

Michigan is known for its wet and humid weather, especially around the lakes. Composite materials are more durable than other materials due to resistance against moisture, rot, and mold. You also do not have to worry about warping and splintering like traditional wood.

This material is low maintenance, meaning you do not have to seal or stain it. High-quality composite decking is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to water, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. In addition to the material’s durability, it also features slip-resistant surfaces that reduce the risk of falls.

All these factors make composite decking perfect for lakes. Without a doubt, you should be using composite decking if you are building a deck on or near a lake. Fortunately, Miles Bradley uses the best composite decking on the market!

Trex Decking

The leader in the industry, Trex decking is an eco-friendly composite decking product ideal for lakefront properties. The decking boards/planks contain special three-sided shell protection with the color ingrained within the material. This allows the planks to keep their beautiful appearance for many years in the color of your choice without having to repaint, stain, or seal them.

Trex supplies high-quality composite decking materials with a large collection to choose from. The company has a variety of color options and types as well. In fact, Miles Bradley’s experts will match the best Trex decking to your specifications and budget. Need design help and project consultation? Contact the professional deck builders today!

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