Let Miles Bradly Enhance Your Deck with Deck Rail Lighting

Deck Rail LightingThere are many decisions to be made when building a new deck or rebuilding an old one. You have to choose between decking materials, railings, adding an underdeck, and many other options. However, another thing you should be considering is deck lighting. While it might seem like something small, adding lighting can help enhance your deck in a variety of ways!

Benefits of Deck Lighting

Adding some lighting to your decking can enhance your outdoor experience. First of all, deck lights can enhance the safety of your outdoor space. It decreases the risk of tripping hazards and accidents. Well-lit decks make it safer for people to move around, especially in the evening or at night. In addition to better safety, it allows you to extend your use of your deck. This will allow you to host gatherings, barbecue, or simply relax on your deck for longer.

Lighting also provides easy navigation, especially if you add them to the deck step and stairs. It also helps unfamiliar guests understand the layout of your outdoor space. Also, the lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of your deck. The best part, you can make these lights energy-efficient by opting to use LED. LED lights are durable, long-lasting, and consume less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Adding Lighting with Miles Bradley

If you are interested in adding lighting to your new outdoor space, then Miles Bradley can help you! We can put lighting on your steps, rails, or posts on your deck. Adding this lighting provides an illuminating glow on your deck, decorative accents, and warm highlighting.

Step and rail lighting has many advantages not only is it a great enhancement for looks but is a safety advantage as well. Though the lighting is subtle the lights help people see where they are walking or the railing they are grabbing.

Our Experts in the Metro Detroit area or Chicago, Illinois area can help you decide on the many choices of deck lighting; function, combination, style, size, layout.

Right now we have a great special on our deck railings! Set of 6 free deck rail lights with photocell/timer with every deck purchased before the 4th of July!

Enhance Your Deck Space With Deck Accessories

Have you been searching for ideas on sprucing up your plain deck or landscape? There are so many great ideas for whatever style you are going for! Whether you are looking to add lighting to your stairway, structure to your landscape, or flower boxes to your deck, Miles Deck LightingBradley can help you with all of the decking accessories you may need.

Trellis’ or Pergolas are great ideas for adding structure to your space or deck while also serving as a home to your flowers or vines. There are many different pergola or trellis styles that will enhance your deck space.

Another great deck accessory that will enhance your deck space is lighting. Miles Bradley can create custom lighting that will suit your deck perfectly. Whether you would like your entire deck lit up or just your deck’s staircase, Miles Bradley can create lighting that will bring out your deck structure and landscaping.

Having a deck built and adding enhancing deck accessories can help to improve your Michigan or Chicago, IL home value. There are many options when it comes to having accessories added to your deck space. Visit Miles Bradley’s accessory portfolio for more ideas and photos.

To schedule your deck build, or add deck accessories to your current deck contact and schedule your project with Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling, Inc. professional deck builders today.