Modern solid composite decking cuts, nails, screws and installs similar to regular wood decking. Also, composite deck materials offer the fine looks of natural wood. Most composite deck materials even offer wood grain to enhance its appearance. One of the best options in the industry today is Trex decking.

Composite Deck Material Trex

Composite deck materials are building materials manufactured using a mixture of plastic and wood fiber. Trex decking materials are very popular because they require less maintenance than wood and often use recycled materials. Also, when you choose Trex decking there are a lot of color options to choose from. We offer many different brands of deck materials that allow for a full line of colors and different grain patterns. As a certified Trex Platinum Contractor, Miles Bradley Building promises to provide both quality materials and exceptional workmanship from our highly experienced master carpenters.

The major advantage a Trex deck has is the required maintenance. With a wood deck, there is a lot of yearly maintenance such as sanding, nail repair, and replacing boards. A Trex deck requires no sanding and very little maintenance. If you currently have a deck, ask us for deck inspection to let you know what type of work your current deck needs or to replace it. When it comes to a new deck, make sure to hire the professionals at Miles Bradley. Get a quote today for your new deck.



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