Our Latest Deck Installation

Our Latest Deck Installation

Ready to see our latest deck installation?

Miles Bradley recently just did a new installation in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Our decking professional did a complete overhaul, creating a new outdoor space for the clients to enjoy! So, what went into this new deck installation?

Tore Out Old Wooden Deck

Wooden decks were the standard for outdoor spaces for years. After all, it’s a classic material that has a natural smell and texture to it that is appealing. However, constant maintenance can be a hassle and it is vulnerable to infestations compared to other materials. Furthermore, it can warp and bend over time and change colors, requiring staining to return it to its original color. When our clients asked for low-maintenance decking, our professionals tore out the original, old wooden deck to prepare for the new materials!

Low-Maintenace Materials

The low-maintenance composite deck material is ideal for the perfect outdoor space. Wood-plastic composite decking (PVC decking) is created to endure the outdoor elements, allowing the deck to stand strong for years to come! Unlike wooden decks, you do not need to stain, paint, or seal composite decking! Furthermore, it is also resistant to warping, weathering, and insects. As a result, you will don’t have to worry about replacing uneven, rotting, and infested boards.

One of the most popular composite deck materials is Trex! Trex comes with a wide selection of colors to choose from! For this latest installation, our decking professionals used Trex’s enhanced coastal bluff for the deck and fascia! While the main project was done, it was not the end of the project. After all, there were certain additions needed to complete this deck!

Additions to New Deck

Although the current project was low to the ground, it absolutely needed a railing. In addition to preventing a tripping hazard, it adds another function component to the deck area. In this case, Miles Bradley used Trex’s black signature aluminum rail and black post sleeves. These post sleeves provide a barrier between aspects of your desk from the elements (sun, rain, wind, ect.). This prevents any deterioration over time and lowers maintenance needs!

Deck Installations with Miles Bradley

Our latest deck installation is just one of the many installations that Miles Bradley has done over two decades! Miles Bradley is a full-service designer and builds custom decks and sunroom firms serving all of Michigan and Illinois. This includes the entire Chicago Lands area! Our firm provides a variety of services and products for your deck projects! We have built a nationwide reputation as expert maintenance decking and building product. Contact our firm today for your next deck project! You can also submit a quote form!

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Local Deck Installations Today At Miles Bradley

deck installation

After 2020, I think we can all agree that we are relieved things are returning to normal. The state of Michigan is opening up and the restrictions are being lifted. Finally, you can interact with your loved ones and enjoy yourself freely. Now is the perfect time to relax outside on your deck. Don’t have one? Don’t worry! At Miles Bradley, we do local deck installations so you can enjoy yourself outside.


Ways to Decorate your Deck

Decorating your DeckAre you thinking about decorating your deck, but aren’t sure where to start? There are so many ideas to choose from, but which one is right? When it comes to transforming your deck into an outdoor living space, there is no right answer. Each deck has its own style and brings its own personality to the table. Below are a few ways to decorate your deck with the style just right for you.


Decorating your Deck

  • Add furniture: it’s always nice to start off with a focal point and move from there. Placing your main piece of furniture in a focal area will make it stand out more. There are an endless amount of furniture items you could play around with to see which one works best for you. Also, when it comes to deciding what colors you want to use, your options are limitless.
  • Make it comfy: not only should your outdoor living space look comfortable, but it should feel comfortable as well. Adding a bunch of comfy pillows always seems to do the trick.
  • Create privacy: creating privacy is key, especially if your home is fairly close to your neighbors. Planting a row of evergreens or planter boxes with flowers forms a privacy wall for your deck. It also adds a pop of scenery to your backyard.
  • Lattice wall: putting up a wooden square lattice wall on one side of the deck is in right now. Planting certain plants such as climbing roses and clematis will eventually grow up the lattice and form a fragrant wall filled with blooms.
  • Add water: adding a water feature to your decks, such as a water garden or fountain, creates a smooth, tranquil environment. Nothing is better than coming home after a long day of work to a peaceful atmosphere right in your backyard. Adding water is a great addition when it comes to decorating your deck.

Deck Installation

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to decorating your deck. However, choose what will make you happy. If you are currently looking for a company to do your deck installation, please call Miles Bradley or feel free to fill out our quote form. We are a full-service custom decking firm that strives to see our customers satisfied.

A New Deck This Fall Can Make You Jolly!

Deck in the fall

Installing your deck in the fall is easy, with Miles Bradley!

When the leaves change and back-to-school ensure you may have a few home renovations still on your list from the summer. While you may think that fall isn’t an ideal time to add “Hire a company to build my deck” to the list, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Fall is a great time to have your deck inspected, repaired, or build from the ground up! With the holiday season ramping up, hiring a deck building company in the Metro Chicago and Detroit area will help save your sanity and time this fall.

We here at Miles Bradley have been building decks in the fall (and even the winter) for years!
Installing a deck in the fall is a good alternative to installing a deck in the summer for many reasons. So if you’ve had to put off your dream deck installation this summer, fret not!

Why Fall is a Great Time to get a Deck Installed:

-Frost Hasn’t Set in Yet
Since the ground hasn’t quite frozen yet, fall is a great time to install the outdoor deck or patio. Posts can still be put into the ground and a deck can still be built before the frost sets in and the ground becomes hard.

-We’re Less Busy!
Summer is our peak season, and we are stretched thin as a business. In the fall the deck-building season slows down

-You’ll be able to Enjoy the Fall, Outdoors
Getting out and enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your backyard is a gift all its own. Enjoying the brisk fall nights with

Give the Gift of a Deck For The Holidays!

Why not give your loved one the gift they’ve always wanted? Putting your down payment on a new Trex deck can ensure that your following spring and summer is going to be spent outside with friends and family!

So why wait to get the deck of your dreams? Contact us today!