New Year, New Deck

Winter DeckingIt’s finally the new year which means it’s time for you to get a new deck! There are many benefits to having a deck built in the winter. Luckily, Miles Bradley builds low-maintenance composite and wooden decks year-round! If you want a custom deck, winter is the time to have it built. Not only can you save money on labor and materials, but you can also enjoy the deck as soon as the weather warms up. Request a free quote today to start the process. We also do deck inspections! If you want to make sure your existing deck is safe enough to withstand the harsh Michigan winters or if it needs repair before the weather warms up, contact us today!

Winter Deck Planning in the New Year

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions set for 2024. Diets, exercise plans, and perhaps even efforts to travel more. However, most people aren’t thinking of building a deck in their backyard just yet. Lots of people neglect to think about building a new deck until the spring or summer when deck-building companies are at their busiest. By this time, everyone is booked, demand is high, and you have to schedule your build for weeks or months out. Planning your deck building during the new year comes with many advantages. 

The best part of having your deck built in the winter is the availability in the schedule of decking experts. Demand is often lower for decks during the colder months which allows for faster installation time and there is less competition over limited time. 

Another benefit of building your deck in the winter is the ability to enjoy it when warmer weather emerges. Because the deck is already built by the end of spring or the beginning of summer, you don’t have to wait. As soon as the weather is warm enough, you can head out to your new deck and enjoy the Michigan weather!

Furthermore, deck costs may be lower during the winter. Both prices on decking materials and labor may be lower as demand is lesser in the winter. It isn’t too early to get started with your deck building. Line it up today with Miles Bradley!

Snow Damage on Winter Decks

Winter deck snow damageHere in the Midwest, winter weather is no joke. From freezing temperatures to heavy snow and ice, our decks will go through a lot over the next few months. Unfortunately, deck materials can show some damage. Wooden decks can absorb moisture which will be displayed in the look of the planks and in the structural integrity of the wood itself. Meanwhile, composite decking won’t acquire damage from the snow but instead from harsh shoveling. Regardless of which decking material you have, winter deck damage is always a concern. It can be costly, unsightly, and unsafe in some cases as well. 

Here at Miles Bradley, we recognize how daunting maintaining a deck in the winter can be. From snow damage to scratches on the material and everything in between. Whether you need deck repairs or a full custom build this winter, fill out our free quote form to find out how we can help you! Just contact us today and get the process started.

Winter Damage On Decking

There are two main types of decking that we specialize in; wooden and composite. Both of these decking materials face different issues concerning winter deck damage.

Wooden decks are usually more prone to damage in inclement weather due to most wood not being waterproof. This allows the material to absorb moisture from the snow. While this doesn’t typically affect the wood in the short term, besides increasing the risk of slipping on ice, it certainly can cause damage in the long run. Over time, the excess moisture collected in wood can compromise both the look and integrity of the deck itself. This can be avoided by using a proper sealant on wood to make the material waterproof which will help the look and strength of the deck last longer. Shoveling the deck and making sure to reduce exposure time to moisture will also help during periods of heavy snow.

Low-maintenance composite decking protects decks from snow damage during the winter. The composite material is waterproof which prevents moisture from seeping through and in turn, allows the deck to last in its initial condition for long periods. The issue of composite decking in the winter comes from its risk of obtaining scratches and cracks due to excessive wear and tear. To prevent this, consider winterizing your deck and using rubber shovels instead of metal when shoveling snow or ice off. 

Under Deck Storage

Underdeck Storage

With winter on the horizon, many people will begin to put away their deck furniture if they haven’t already. You may be wondering what you are going to do with it or where you are going to put all of your outdoor equipment. Many people are unaware that the under-deck area or dry space can actually be very useful if finished properly!

Under Deck Storage

Patios and decks add a lot of outdoor space, allowing you to expand your living space. However, people forget about the space underneath the deck. The under deck provides a great opportunity to add to your storage options. After all, hauling all your patio furniture and decorations to the garage is not ideal. It is a lot easier just to move these big items into a dry space under your deck.

However, you can put anything into this storage area. Need easier access to winter tools? Put your snowblower or shovel into the under-deck! If you have kids, you can keep your backyard clean and clear of toys by having them stored on the deck when you are done. Having additional storage space is always a bonus but some people are concerned what they store will be susceptible to water damage, bugs, or critters. That is why people need to hire professional construction companies like Miles Bradley!

Under Deck Construction

Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling will ensure your under-deck storage space has a proper seal, drainage system, and insulation leaving no room for damage to your stored items. However, if you don’t want an under deck, why not add a dry space? If you don’t need the additional storage, you can expand your living space even more with dry space underneath your deck.

During the Holiday season, Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling is offering specials to those who wish to get their decks built during the month of December.

Whether you are living in Detroit, Michigan, or Chicago, IL, Miles Bradley is here to make your deck or dry space beautiful!

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Want a Deck Built? Financing Now Available!

Want a Deck Built? Financing Now Available!
As spring’s arrival gets closer and closer (no really, it’s coming), the window for you to save big by having a deck built this winter at Miles Bradley is coming closer and closer to slamming shut. If you’re someone who would love nothing more than to have a high-quality low maintenance composite deck or cedar deck built in Detroit Michigan or Chicago, IL, but can’t quite afford it, then we have some great news for you: Financing is now available at Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling Inc!

Get Your Deck Built Now!

Being that it’s tax season, now is an even better time than earlier this winter to have a deck added to your property. Because you can now take advantage of new financing plans. Furthermore, we are offering a six-month, as well as a 12-month plan. That is if you’d like to stretch the payments out a bit. When it comes to Trex decking, the right choice is Miles Bradley.  Also, we have certified Trex deck installers. In addition, we can help you decide the color and look of your new Trex deck.

When you can couple the opportunity to save big during the decking offseason. Also, you can make quick and easy monthly payments to do it. Instead, of putting one big dent in your savings account, it equals a big win for you, the customer. To learn the specifics about our new financing plans, contact Miles Bradley at either our Chicago office or Detroit office, today. Finally, you can call 248-478-8660 for Detroit or 847-920-7601 in Chicago. You can also request a quote today.

Winter Discount For Your Big Deck Purchase

Winter Discounts on Decks

Palatine, IL Low Maintenance Trex Transcend Deck With Sunken Hot Tub

Want to give your family the gift of fun outdoor time and increase the value of your home? Give the gift of a deck, three-seasons room, or pergola for you and your family to enjoy during the spring and summer months. Purchasing a deck for the summer now will not only save you money but also give you enough time to figure out how to decorate your deck.

We can build custom deck plans to suit your house or property plan. Our experienced designers have worked with many deck and house designs.  We can build any time of year and are currently running 10%- 15% off winter deck purchases.  We run deals all year long that can help make your new deck even better.

Give the Gift of Outdoor Summer Fun Now During The Winter

If you’ve always wanted a deck to enjoy your house or property on but don’t know if you can afford it,  let’s chat about our financing program. fargo-milesWe are willing to work with you and help you apply for our 12-month financing program. Pending a good credit review, we’ll make sure the application process is easy and assist you with your application for your new deck.

Not ready for a full deck but have always wanted a three-seasons room or enclosure for your house? We specialize not only in deck building but also pergolas, privacy walls,  three seasons rooms, Gazebos, Screen rooms, and trellises. Three seasons rooms and screen rooms let you enjoy the great outdoors while avoiding the worst of mother nature like an addition to your home. Avoid the snow, the bugs, and the rain with this addition. Any improvements you do to your house will add to the value of your home and your life.

This can be your year to finally get the deck of your dreams, and we want to help you realize it. Contact us to get your dream deck started.