Get a Discount and Build Your Winter Deck Today!!

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner, did you let the summer get away from you? Now are you bummed you didn’t get to rebuild your deck this summer?  Don’t be, winter is one of the best times to build a deck in Michigan. Miles Bradley works with their customers through this season, we build decks all year long!

Miles Bradley services all of Michigan and Illinois including the Chicago Land area. There are many benefits to building a deck in the winter time, we can offer you a discount on materials and labor, with the drastic reduce in demand for decking materials our wholesalers offer deals for winter building. The time to rebuild or build your new deck is now, don’t wait until the weather turns good, we want you to have a deck ready to enjoy this summer instead of it being torn up. Call Miles Bradley today and see what we can save you by getting your deck built this winter! Michigan Office 248-478-8660 / Chicago Office 847-920-7601.