Underdeck Storage

With flurries falling this morning many people will begin to put away their deck furniture if they haven’t already. You may be wondering what you are going to do with it or where you are going to put all of your outdoor equipment. Many people are unaware that the under-deck area or dry space can actually be very useful if finished properly.

Many people are concerned what they store will be susceptible to water damage, bugs, or critters. Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling will ensure your under-deck storage space has a proper seal, drainage system, and insulation leaving no room for damage to your stored items.

During the Holiday season Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling is offering specials to those who wish to get their decks built during the month of December.

Happy Holidays!

Whether you are living in Detroit, Michigan or Chicago, IL, Miles Bradley is here to make your deck or dry space beautiful!