Inspect Your Deck for Repairs Before Fall

How to Inspect your Deck for Repairs

Summer is coming to a close and while the weather is still dry and warm, we recommend that you take this time to inspect your deck’s structure. Inspecting your deck is easy. Just follow the instructions below. Start by looking at areas close to the ground or areas that are close to water.

Maintaining Your Deck Ledgerinspect your deck for repairs

Is your ledger in good shape? The majority of deck collapses are because the ledgers are damaged. You can check your ledger by looking at the piece that attaches the deck to the house. A deck that is built properly should have a ledger that is attached with lag screws. Check all of the beams and posts for signs of rust or rot.

How to Properly Inspect Deck Stairs

Is your deck rotting?  Grab a flat-blade screwdriver. Then using the screwdriver to check by looking at where the stairs meet the ground around the stringers. Next, take the screwdriver and probe the perimeter posts. If they move more than a quarter of an inch, then you could have rotted.

Assessing Your Deck Railings Before the Winter Season

Are your railings showing any sign that they are not stable?  Railings that are loose or have damage need to be replaced immediately. These can be assessed by shaking the posts to check for movement on the rails. Railings that are not fully intact can lead to an injury.

How to Properly Check Decking Boards

Over time your decking boards may start to develop cracks or begin to rot. It is recommended to get the piece replaced if there is any damage as soon as possible.

Don’t over Deck-o-rate! How Decorations Can Harm Your Deck

Sometimes our customers go overboard with decorations and greenery. We often remind customers to keep greenery at least a foot away from the deck. This is to lessen the chances of your deck rotting or molding. Furniture and flower pots can also cause discoloration of your deck.

Miles Bradley Building is available for deck repairs in Metro Detroit or Chicago all year round. Don’t let a minor problem that could have easily been fixed turn into a costly beast! Miles Bradley would love to assist you in maintaining a safe and secure deck that can be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t delay! Fill out our repair quote form or Contact us now at 248.478.8660 for our Metro Detroit office and 847.920.7601 for our Chicago office.

We look forward to speaking with you! Have a great fall season.

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