Trellises, Pergolas and Columns

Trellises, Pergolas and Columns

Trellises and pergolas are a little different from each other. Pergolas are built using three or more support posts with beams running between them. Thus creating shade–lines that break up the intense sunlight of spring or summer. This structure provides shade and aesthetic appeal, as it is perfect for growing vines and climbing roses.


A trellis is a simple garden structure that can help your plants grow vertically. In addition, a trellis can be made from many different materials. Usually, it is an open framework, allowing for plants to easily grow upward.

Also, a trellis can be used as a tool to help plants grow indoors and outdoors, as an accent piece in your garden, or to add more privacy to your yard. If you are looking to add a touch of grace to your yard, a column will give you an elegant look. No matter which one you choose, your yard will look stunning.

From custom decks to beautiful trellises, we can do it all! Whether you are looking for a trellis, pergola, or columns for your yard, contact Miles Bradley Building today. Finally, along with beautiful custom decks, we can provide a look that will make your yard stand out from the rest.

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