The specialists at Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling specialize in creating custom deck railings. Whatever design you want, we are here to provide the best service you can ask for. Here are only a few railing options that highlight how valuable they can be!




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Looking Good

Railings can give your deck a great look. In fact, a good railing can set the atmosphere around your entire house. Whether you a looking from the yard, from inside the house, or on the deck itself, railings are a visible aesthetic that everyone can see.  Railings come in a variety of different colors, allowing you and customize them to your taste. You could match the color of your deck or do a color that compliments your deck and house. In addition, you can set the theme of your railing. Whether it is a modern twist or traditional, a railing can change a boring, patio-like deck into your own personal space.

The Value of Your Railing

Furthermore, projects like this add value to your home. After all, having a beautiful boundary around your deck can make all the difference. When people are looking for a house, they are looking for features that are already provided. Having a railing can be a deciding factor for buyers. After all, a deck already adds value but having a completed deck is even better.


However, safety is the best reason for getting a railing installed. After a certain height off the ground, decks are required to have guardrails of some kind. That’s because they are also an important safety feature. For your child, pets, and guests, this installment can be the difference between a little bump or a big fall. A railing takes away the stress of your children playing on the deck and protects distracted guests and pets. Some designs allow you to add a gate to your deck, turning your railing into a gate to prevent people from falling down the stairs.

Railings give your look deck a great look while adding value to your home and adding safety. At Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling, we have been installing decks and deck railings for years. Here are only a few of our deck options. For more options, you can contact us today!

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