Wood Decks

The Traditional Wood Deck

There are many benefits of owning a traditional wood deck. There is a natural warmth and looks a wood deck can provide to your yard that other decks cannot. In addition, the smell of a wood deck is always appeasing especially a cedar deck. Also, some forms of wood decks can be rather inexpensive compared to their composite counterpart. Softwood such as spruce, pine, or fir can be cheaper than harder woods.

Another benefit of adding a deck to your home is an ideal space for entertaining guests. During warm spring and summer months, it is a great area to have guests over and enj0y the good weather. Another perk is the increase in value it provides for your home. Homebuyers search out homes that have decks. A new deck can provide a visually appealing aesthetic to your home. Also, you can decorate your deck for the season.

Time To Build

On average compared to other home additions, a new deck can be built much faster than say a new garage or room. Plus, when being built, contractors do not need to come in the house so the mess stays outside! In addition to time, a new deck will give you extra space. Looking for the perfect place for your new patio furniture? A new deck from Miles Bradley is your answer! Finally, the cost is another benefit of a new deck. What it will cost to build your deck will be minimal compared to the value it will add. Request a quote today!


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