Deck Builders Near Farmington Hills

Deck Builders Near Farmington Hills

Miles Bradley is one of the best deck builders near Farmington Hills. We have been servicing Ann Arbor, Plymouth, and Farmington Hills, Michigan for over two decades. We specialize in composite decks made from Trex decking.  Along with low maintenance decks, we also build wood decks, screened enclosures, gazebos, pergolas, and more.  If you are looking to install a new deck, call the experts at Miles Bradley 248-478-8660.

Benefits Of A New Deck

One of the great benefits of a new deck is a terrific new space to entertain guests. Looking at hosting a family get together? A new composite deck is a great way to host your guests. Another great benefit is the added value it gives to your home. New homebuyers find a new deck an added value to a home, so if you have a deck you can attract potential new buyers. The new look a deck gives you home is just another bonus.

Major additions to your home can take quite a while to build. A deck can be built quickly and does not take the time for other home improvements. Of course, the most basic benefit is the added space it provides for your home. A new deck provides space to entertain or even store your items such as bikes or your barbeque. When considering a deck, the price is relatively inexpensive compared to other home improvements.

If you love entertaining or being outside during the spring and summer then a new composite deck is the perfect fit for you. At Miles Bradley, our experienced contractors can give you an accurate estimate on your new deck. we highly recommend a composite Trex deck. The composite deck has many benefits over wood.  With a composite deck, the maintenance of the deck is minimal to a wood deck. Finally, call Miles Bradley at 248-478-8660 and schedule an installation today!