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Modern solid composite decking cuts, nails, screws and installs similar to regular wood decking. Composite deck materials offer the fine looks of natural wood. Most composite deck materials even offer wood grain to enhance its appearance. We offer many different brands of composite deck materials that allows for a full line of colors and different grain patterns.

Trex composite deck materials infromationComposite deck materials is made from reclaimed plastic and wood waste. Composite decking materials comes in lengths up to 20 feet.

Some brands of composite deck material that we prefer to use is Trex and Timbertech. Please use the links to view products and color samples.

Trex Woodland Brown
photo by: Trex

photo by: Miles Bradley
Building and Remodeling Inc.
Decking and railing, color teak
Farmington, Michigan
photo by: Miles Bradley
Building and Remodeling Inc
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