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Enhance Landscaping With A Multi-Purpose Trellis

Are you looking to add beautiful, but purposeful structure to your landscape? If so, a Trellis is the perfect option for you!  A Trellis is mainly used to provide support for growing, or climbing plants, although any type of gazebo, summerhouse, or archway that is made with a majority or completely of latticework, is also classified as a trellis.

Having a trellis does more than just create a place for plants or vines to grow. There are many benefits that come after deciding to have a trellis built in your landscape. A Trellis is a structure; better yet, a vertical structure which attracts the eye, creating an instant visual impact to your space. Choosing to apply an arbor style trellis to your landscape can be used to make the entry space to your garden apparent. You may also use trellises to form a decorative sense of privacy that will be more pleasing to the eye than a large bulky fence.

Whether you live in Chicago, IL or Michigan, ensuring that you hire someone who will provide high quality service, at an affordable price is a must.  For a limited time, Miles Bradley is offering 10% off any project; this includes that beautiful trellis which is sure to add a spark and value to your property!
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