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Low Cost Multilevel Decks in Michigan

Are you looking to go the extra mile and have a multilevel deck built in Michigan this year? Multilevel decks are great architectural details to add on to your home to increase its value. They also provide plenty of space for multiple outdoor rooms or events you plan to hold in the future.  With lots of different low cost, multilevel deck designs available at Miles Bradley, it’s up to you to decide how you want it to look and we’ll do the rest!

There are a few different factors to take into account when deciding on which deck builders in Michigan you want to dive into a project on your property. Do they have experience building a wide variety of different types of decks, and success doing so? Are they familiar with composite deck materials? Do they provide their services at a reasonable price?

The answers are ‘yes, yes, and yes’ when it comes to the decking professionals at Miles Bradley. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry as one of the finest Michigan deck builders. Whether you are looking at regular wood or composite decks in Michigan, we know our way around both materials.

If you desire all the beauty and fine grain that comes with wood but would rather do without all the upkeep, you should explore our low maintenance composite decking options. We have many different brands of composite deck material available, with varying grain patterns or colors. 

Trex Decks

Michigan residents are making one of those brands of composite decks increasingly popular by using our Trex composite decking materials. Made from reclaimed plastics and waste wood fiber, it’s no wonder that more and more people are leaning towards Trex decks in Michigan. To inspire decking idea you can check out our deck color visualizer. Trex decks are the best route to go if you want a beautiful, custom multi-level deck built in Michigan out of an alternative to wood!

multilevel trex decks michigan

Whether you are looking to have a multilevel composite deck built in Southfield or Farmington Hills, Michigan, we can do it, and at an excellent price! When it comes to low cost decks in Michigan, no one has more option than Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling Inc. Call us at 248-478-8660, or, if you don’t feel like talking, contact us now!

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