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Buy Springtime Pergolas or Trellises in Chicago!

Are you ready to add to your backyard this spring but don’t quite want to commit to a deck? You could be feeling this way for many reasons. You may not have enough space to properly accommodate a composite deck in IL or maybe it just simply doesn’t appeal to you. If you have a lot of flowers, though, and are an avid gardener that takes pleasure in decorating your backyard, you may want to buy pergolas or trellises for spring in Chicago, Illinois!
Why buy a pergola in Chicago you ask?

Pergolas can be easily built around what you already have going on in your backyard because they can connect to your main roof or stand alone. Whether constructed out of timber, steel, or aluminum, high quality pergolas from Miles Bradley are a great way for you to relax outdoors with friends. You have the ability with pergolas to hang out partly in the shade and also partly in the sun – it all depends on how you choose to build it.

We are a pergola building company in Chicago, IL that is comfortable building your pergola in many shapes out of many materials. Pergolas mesh well with your garden and can be a dazzling addition to your home this spring!

Or, the gardener in you can really find new ways to make your backyard beautiful when accompanying your flowers. A trellis is a great idea to make the most of your small-space gardening. The decking experts at Miles Bradley are no strangers to trellises, so you can buy a trellis in Chicago this spring that will be well-built and ready for you to enjoy all spring and summer long.

The sturdy garden trellises in Chicago, IL that we build are great for climbing flowers or vines, such as Clematis, Passionflower, Wisteria, Star Jasmine, Sweet Pea and much more!

When buying pergolas or trellises in Chicago, IL this spring there is no reason to go anywhere else but to the decking professionals at Miles Bradley because, of course, we build a lot more than just great decks! If you are looking to buy trellises or pergolas Chicago, Illinois right now then please contact us at our Chicago location. Now is the time to deck out your backyard for the spring!


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